Friday 19 October 2012

Prioritizing Change.

 I often find it difficult to decide what I want to do with my day.  I have so little free time, I actually get anxious trying to prioritize what I need to do and what I want to do and trying to schedule it all in.  Then, since I am pretty anti-social (mainly due to my work schedule), I also want to make an effort to see a lot of people in the short time that I have off each week.  Some people I really like I just haven't seen in months, purely based on scheduling!  Just the other day, someone asked "When's a good time to call you?"  And I was like..."Geesh...never, really.  Text me and I'll call you back."  As I've been fond of saying lately, at least this year, it's like I've been living in another dimension

The dimension you are trying to travel to is currently unavailable.  Please try again, later....

Anyway, this is all well and good...first world problems, I suppose...the fact that I have so much interesting stuff to do and so many people who I want to see is NOT something I am complaining about!!!  No sir!  I just need to search my brain for the ability to schedule more efficiently.

I think I may also have to cut some of my little projects to make more time for what's REALLY important.  For example, I spend lots of time writing things like this very blog post, or my comic book article at Fruitless Pursuits.  I really enjoy both of these things, but it occurs to me that had I been working on writing something larger than a weekly article, I'd have a more serious work on my hands at this point. 

Similarly, while I was happy to finish the recent video game Fall of Cybertron (Fun but short!  Great if you're a Transformers fan!!)  I probably could have done something more constructive with that time.  

Not that I SHOULD be doing anything more constructive, necessarily.  I am just trying to figure out what the exact RIGHT amount of activities to have on my plate should be, and what activities I really WANT on said metaphorical plate.  Need to tweak some things.  Perhaps this is just a sneak peek at the beginnings of my new goals for 2013!  It's about that time to start thinking about them...

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