Friday, 28 September 2012

Genesis 2012

In the beginning, there was VOID


and then...AWARENESS

"I AM..."

a pause...perhaps a moment, perhaps a millenium.  Time had yet to be invented and thus was utterly irrelevant.

"I AM...Alone."

Pain.  Isolation!  But idea!

Thought becomes action and suddenly, an EXPLOSION!  A massive outpouring of energy transforming into matter, hurtling out into the VOID, an explosive breath spreading carbon across infinite space.  Movement, transformation, entropy, physics...Life!!

And eventually...Evolution

and maybe finally, one day...a friend.

"I have transformed my essence into matter, my being has become the physical universe.  All things are born of my spark.

All are one.  Energy made flesh.

Learn to grow.  Learn to move past your crude physicality and reach for your potential.  Move past your violent history, your selfish genes, your wicked, warlike nature.  This is not you, but only your mask.  For you are not created in My image...only with My potential.  To truly stand by my side, you must evolve!   Remove the mask!  As I have made Flesh from Spirit, so you must make Spirit from Flesh!  Only then will you have achieved your purpose.  Only then will you find true peace.

To do this, you must grow.  Every day, become better.  Increase your Strength, increase your Knowledge, increase your Understanding and most importantly, increase your Empathy

 The only truth I can impart with which to guide you is one which all people should intrinsically sense.  You are all part of ONE thing.  Violence and hatred towards others equals violence and hatred towards yourself.  Treat each other and treat all things with Kindness above all else.  Love one another, Love life and Love yourselves.  All you need is Love and all of the Love you need is IN YOU NOW.  

Go, now, child, and grow.  EVOLVE!

And someday, I can tell...We are going to be friends."

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Just 5 More Minutes, Ma!

Nothing nearly as fascinating as last week's peek into an alternate timeline has happened to me this week.  That's O.K. though because if nothing interesting happens, I'll just MAKE something interesting instead! know...interesting to ME.  The rest of the World?  Who can say...

So my new project this week (and EVERY week going forward!) is called "5 Minutes with Stryder Wolfe" and is going to be an ongoing Vlog of my randomness.  I'm hoping it will turn out to be interesting, funny and informative.  I'm also hoping to win the lottery this Friday, so whatever.

Here is the incredibly awkward and goofy first episode.  You have to start somewhere!  Enjoy!

Oh PS:  Although I plan to do several eps of this little Vlog, I will rarely or never share them on THIS site again.  I'll link them to Twitter when I'm done uploading though, so if you are interested, either follow my YouTube account of my Twitter @StryderWolfe.  If you really want to help out, feel free to share, too!  Thanks!!

PPS:  God I love that thumbnail that YouTube picked for the video.  I look simultaneously ridiculous and craaaazy!  Good work Internet!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Films About Ghosts

I waded in the calm blue sea, squishing wet sand between my toes and letting my mind flit from idea to idea like a honey bee who lands on every little blossom he sees, but rests upon each for only a moment.

As I waded, a bright, colourful object surfed right up to my toes.  I bent to retrieve this was a child's discarded yellow balloon, now bereft of air, partially filled instead by the waters of Lake Ontario. 

I held the balloon, and all of a sudden I saw her, as clearly as if she was standing there in front of me.  She was 3, or perhaps 4 years old.  A little girl in a pale green sun dress, with a floppy yellow hat and oversized, heart shaped sunglasses.  She had dark hair, pale skin and a splash of freckles across her cheeks and nose.  Gripped tightly in her little hand was a piece of white string, and trailing behind her like a forgotten pet was the very same shiny yellow balloon I now held lifeless in my hand, dancing to and fro upon the gentle September breeze of my mind's eye.

She wore no shoes and left perfect tiny footprints in the cool, damp sand.

She was our daughter.  Yours and mine.

All in a moment I saw what could have been.  I see what is and I see what will never be.

As I walked back to my car, alone, I pressed the deflated yellow balloon to my lips.  Then, I let it go. 

I can accept the path that I walk upon.  I can embrace my solitude, embrace being alone and apart. 
All of the Love that I Need is In Me Now.

I will embrace the path that I walk.  It is not the path that I would have selected, but it is the path that has chosen me.

This is a true story.  Please tell me how it makes you feel, for I don't know how to feel about it. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vacation Shuffle

Today is the last day of my week off...a rainy day fit for nursing my sore back and possibly working up the motivation to dust my transformers collection before returning to work tomorrow!  Because of this, I barely managed to scrape together my favourite comics for the week back on Tuesday and have absolutely nothing prepared for today!

That's okay...the universe provides.  Here's a short list of things that I think are cool from the last week:

1.  On Tuesday, I woke up to realize that I had not smoked a cigarette in over a year!!  Labour Day, 2011 was the last day I ever smoked tobacco!  Of course I talked about that HERE...This week was SO much better than that one!  I never realized it before, either, but I have to thank my fellow Fruitless Pursuits writer,  Suzanne, for being the first one to recommend rewards for doing well in my quest not to smoke.  This led to my famous comic-book-rule...using my nerdiness against (or rather FOR) myself by replacing an addiction to nicotine with an addiction to DC Comics!  As you probably know, I started reading comics when I stopped smoking, right in time for the beginning of the New 52...I made a rule that if I smoked during a week I could not buy that week's comics.  The collector in me cannot have that...thus, I have every issue of each comic I collect for the last year, and haven't smoked a puff.  Phew!

2.  You know how I love to support independent musician and artist Danielle Fricke, right?  We've all seen her videos and heard her awesome album, "Hello Little World".  Well, for a while now she's been working on a new project with her new band, Snow Mantled Love!  All of their hard work has paid off, as....well, listen to the lady herself tell it:

3.  I've been up to the cottage my Grandfather built before my father was even born a few times this summer, most recently this week.  This seems unremarkable, unless you consider that this summer is the first time I've visited the place in a decade!  That's a long story, but suffice to say that those days are now gone.  It's great to see the place again...a place that's been near to my heart since before I even started forming memories...the first times I visited were as a tiny of my favourite photos ever is of me and my grandfather in the boat when I must have been 1 or 2 years old at the most...Making the Cottage the only consistent real estate/backdrop to my life in all of these years.  There's nowhere else in the world that I visited as a toddler that I can still go back to now...

4.  My this is long!  Not to worry.  I came up with a few new ideas over the course of the week.  Some of them may end up on the Internet!  Stay Tuned!

Well there you have it...back to work tomorrow, assuming I can rotate my back, which didn't like the car ride home yesterday...must be getting old...oh well.  Have a good week!  Peace and love in September and Always...