Saturday, 16 October 2010

Evolve or Die II

As promised, here's my lovely new haircut, as best as I can capture on film (digital film? I suppose that saying is out of date). Anyway, it's not some drastic style that I've never had before or anything, but I think it's gonna stick for a while at least. More "young Morrison" than "old I'm about to die Morrison."

Just a little physical manifestation of my current commitment to change some things.

You may be wondering what, exactly, I want to change? I am wondering the same thing, to be honest. However I have a few ideas. A couple have already been implemented....

Step 1: Rearrange the types and amounts of chemicals I'm putting into my body on a daily/weekly/whatever basis. In a nutshell, I think there are too many things I'm imbibing that are just not that good for me. A short list might include caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, aspartame and soft drinks in general, certain types of food, and maybe some other stuff. I'm certainly not against any of these things. I enjoy them constantly! However, I'd like to cut down on all of the above. It's harder than it sounds, particularly for someone like myself who is such a creature of habit. In particular, I really need to find something to drink other than pop that has a little more zing than plain water. What do people drink in this world?

Speaking of being a creature of habit, Step 2 is to break out of my comfort zone more frequently. Go out places aside from my buddies apartments or the same pub I've been to 4000 times already. Try and experience more things. Even if only once or twice a month. This could be as simple as just interacting with other human beings whose names I don't yet know. I'm too old to be intimidated to talk to strangers...but I'm not quite old enough to be so jaded as to wonder why I should bother. However, the latter is often the case. That needs to change. I need an attitude adjustment, mister!

Step 3 or 4 or whatever (I don't know why I'm doing this in list format since it's all interrelated) is simply to stop being so lazy. I have a few friends that are great at motivating me to do things that I wouldn't normally be interested in because hey, I love my couch! I should listen to them more, or learn to self motivate better. This can directly relate to the above, but also counts for things like cleaning up more often and getting groceries before I absolutely HAVE to. Just get off the couch.

Of course, Winter is coming and all of this will seem less important in freezing, snowy weather. However, I've got the restless vibe of Fall singing me it's siren song for now, and I will try to remember that feeling and at least give it a shot. This is the only life I've got, it's time to start living it while I still can.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Evolve or Die

2010 is starting to wind down....2 months and it's a whole new ball game yet again....

Of course not really....Time is such a human invention...and aside from the fact that it happens to be Winter instead of Fall, January 1st means nothing at's no different from Ocotober 15th or July 7th or whatever.

Well, maybe it is to some degree. Fall and Spring for some reason always feel more transitional to me. I mean, they're more of a journey to hottest or coldest than a destination unto themselves.

Anyway, speaking of transitions, there are many things in my life I'm trying to slowly change...habits that I want to alter...nothing major, just a little housecleaning here and there. Step one - Time to get a haircut! My first and only in 2010! So here's the before picture:

...I'll update later with the results. I'm sure they won't be that drastic. The idea of a haircut is always an idea of change for it will make you a whole new person or something. Of course it never really does, but there's always hope, right?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Welcome to October

I can't believe it's already October again. Seems like this year has just flown by.

Looking back, I've only ever made one post in October, and a rather innocuous one mainly just to say happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving. In a way I find that strange, but thinking a bit harder, I guess it isn't.

October is one of my favourite months, but it's also the one where I am most likely to be lost in self-absorption and probably fairly moody as well. I mean, it's the month where everything winds down for winter....the temperature gets colder and all the leaves change...the weather is very inconsistent...sometimes it's snow, sometimes it's almost summer-time. Like the song says, "the way I feel, so much depends on the weather..."

The main reason that I usually keep fairly silent about October is that it is the home of both of my major-relationship anniversaries. Of course neither of them count for anything now, but for some reason I remember them anyway. Maybe because it's also my parents anniversary month, so it just reminds me. Usually I either can't or won't remember the past at all. Sometimes though, my brain just gets into reminiscent mode and suddenly it's as if I no longer have control of the metaphorical clicker. Won't turn off and stuck on a lousy channel. Hmmpf.

Although in theory I am looking for a new relationship again, I'd almost hate to have that happen in October. There's too much baggage associated with the poor month already.

On the other hand, I get to eat a lot of turkey! Turkey is good. And, before we know it, it'll be a whole new year. Winter is coming.