Friday, 28 September 2012

Genesis 2012

In the beginning, there was VOID


and then...AWARENESS

"I AM..."

a pause...perhaps a moment, perhaps a millenium.  Time had yet to be invented and thus was utterly irrelevant.

"I AM...Alone."

Pain.  Isolation!  But idea!

Thought becomes action and suddenly, an EXPLOSION!  A massive outpouring of energy transforming into matter, hurtling out into the VOID, an explosive breath spreading carbon across infinite space.  Movement, transformation, entropy, physics...Life!!

And eventually...Evolution

and maybe finally, one day...a friend.

"I have transformed my essence into matter, my being has become the physical universe.  All things are born of my spark.

All are one.  Energy made flesh.

Learn to grow.  Learn to move past your crude physicality and reach for your potential.  Move past your violent history, your selfish genes, your wicked, warlike nature.  This is not you, but only your mask.  For you are not created in My image...only with My potential.  To truly stand by my side, you must evolve!   Remove the mask!  As I have made Flesh from Spirit, so you must make Spirit from Flesh!  Only then will you have achieved your purpose.  Only then will you find true peace.

To do this, you must grow.  Every day, become better.  Increase your Strength, increase your Knowledge, increase your Understanding and most importantly, increase your Empathy

 The only truth I can impart with which to guide you is one which all people should intrinsically sense.  You are all part of ONE thing.  Violence and hatred towards others equals violence and hatred towards yourself.  Treat each other and treat all things with Kindness above all else.  Love one another, Love life and Love yourselves.  All you need is Love and all of the Love you need is IN YOU NOW.  

Go, now, child, and grow.  EVOLVE!

And someday, I can tell...We are going to be friends."

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