Monday, 15 June 2009


So I know I haven't blogged much lately and I'm not making my writing quota and all that, although I may be more or less on target for June. Whatever. In this case, I have an excuse...

Yesterday, rather than do my semi-usual Sunday blog, I sat down and started writing what I am hoping I can turn into a book. I don't know if it's too early to say anything yet or whatever, but I was really inspired last year with everyone's participation in NaNoWriMo and thought to myself "You know, it doesn't seem that hard! I could do that!"

Anyway, my problem has always been that, while I think my writing skills are on par with most writers, my inspiration levels are very low. Write a song, and essay or a short story? No problem! Try and write something that goes past 3000 words? HARD AS HELL! Maybe it's my attention span or whatever, but I just have a hard time coming to terms with that much writing. That being said, I finally decided that looking at writing this way just sabotages my efforts. I also tend to hurt myself by wanting to have an entire novel planned in my head before word one goes on paper. While some writers actually do this, I think it's too forbidding. Makes it seem like work, which it shouldn't be. I write to entertain myself, so why shouldn't I just start? If I write myself into a corner, who cares?

So like I said, after reading what various people did last year for the aforementioned NaNoWriMo I was fairly inspired. The thought of 30,000 words is intimidating but the thought of 1000 words a day is not. And I don't even have to be that good. I am setting myself a target of 500 words a day over 2 months. So far I'm already past that, but of course it's only been 2 days, so whatever.

I also have help in that I have a volunteer that will let me read her what I've written and seems interested in forcing me to continue if I lose motivation. If anyone can do it, she can.

Flattery last night when she heard what I wrote on the first day....and I quote "Wow you can actually write like that?"

She meant it in a good way! least, that's how I'll take it!

Anyway so if this blog doesn't get updated that often, it's because my writing energies are getting sucked into this new universe I'm creating. Perhaps when I've got a few thousand more words under my belt I'll post an excerpt. Wish me luck!


  1. Smaller targets is good. You can certainly even think of it in terms of 'acts'. Whenever I wrote fiction I always said I want this guy to start here and end up here. I wrote the first chapter and the last chapter. Then I wrote the middle and then changed the final chapter as it evolved.

  2. that's a cool idea...I haven't written the last chapter yet, but I do know where my characters are starting and where I want them to end up...just getting there that is the problem :p

    On the plus side, after writing this I did another 700 words or so on that's pretty cool. I think the small, manageable daily targets wil help me a lot...certainly helped me get this blog going a little better at least...

  3. oh how excellent Mike!! so happy i could kick up my heels can hardly wait......dont stop!!! lol....

  4. YAY!! I too can't wait for what I know will be brilliant, work. Wahoo, so proud and excited!!

  5. haha well it's moving along nicely...although not nearly at the rate I posted up there...I'm probably around 3000 words now..