Sunday, 7 June 2009

Shiny Monsters

Feel the need to cut off all my dead parts
dead nails
...............dead skin
dead hair
...............dead heart
to grow all new parts just for you
and be the man I wanted to

Need something bad to say about you
to make me feel I'm good enough too
something I can pick apart
so I won't have to grow a new heart

pretty girl still lies in my bed
crazy thoughts still run through my head
"I think I'm dumb or maybe just happy"
Now I understand what he said

Commitment to a greater cause
ignore their foolish natural laws
fight them 'till we fall apart
or glue together shattered hearts
a happy cancer to feast on
a growing gift to dwell upon
I'll be whatever I need to
I'll wear a mask so I'll keep you

but you don't ask it
happy love
you don't need change to rise above
you'll just see through
my quick disguise
and know me when I try to hide

So what can I conspire to do
except perhaps to tell it true
and live the way I wanted to
and hope that it's enough for you

I never thought I might be good enough for you

laughing mobster
steal my breath
happy monster
chew my death
lick the blood
off of my heart
shiny monster
never part

do anything so I can think I'm good enough for you.


  1. this is pic!

  2. I like this piece and will probably read it a few more times....but I keep getting the same interpretation from your words and I'm for once content in that fact!


  3. well this one is out the window now...c'est la vie