Saturday, 4 July 2009


crispy life
crispy things
burnt the toast
burnt my skin
your flesh
too hot to touch
never be
this way again
fire hydrant
flame retardant
make me smile
& hurt myself
your eyes
so ablaze
burnt a hole
into my brain

where are all the heroes
that have come to save the day?

fire crackers
fire starters
too much heat
for me to stand
no one knows
big disappointment
tie me up
& start again

never saw a hero who
might come to save the day.


  1. This would make a good song, kinda just started singing something....I hope you don't mind, or perhaps it already is one?!

    I love reading your

  2. not a song yet, but if you have any ideas, feel free! Maybe come to our jam night again one of these days...