Monday, 1 June 2009

June Babbles On

So June is here....Today I wore a sweater and a jacket and the wind coming in felt more like October. What's up with that?

Anyway, I don't have much to say today, but I feel bad that I only completed 50% of my target blogs for the month of May and thus I better get June off to a better start! Unfortunately, I really have little idea of what to talk about right now.

Well, how about some quotes from the month of May....try and figure out who said what. If I paraphrase, well....too bad....

"My day was....ultimately...lazy!"

"Index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinkie finger....Index finger, middle finger...what? Shhhh....shutup!!! ring finger, middle finger...."

"Thanks tips!"

"You gotta watch Religulous...and take notes!"

"I knew you were watching Dogma as soon as I came in because I saw Alan Rickman's fake crotch"

Okay enough of that....I actually had considered talking about religion, having watched both Dogma and Religulous in the last month, and perhaps I still will, but I just don't have the energy right now. I spent most of the evening clearing out my bedroom and living room because they're spraying my apartment for bed bugs tomorrow. I was kind of suprised. I always thought bed bugs were just things made up for fantasy novels, or perhaps that they used to exist in olden times but have long since been extinct. Well, apparently not. Ain't life grand?

Oh well, all in all it's been a good month. Although good months leave me little to talk about it would seem! Perhaps I can find a happy medium for June....

Oh that reminds me....Why did 3 of the 4 summer movies I wanted to see come out in May? I saw them all....Wolverine, Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation. Star Trek was by far the best, which is shocking as it was the one I was least interested in. The others were cool too, though...I don't know why everyone was complaining about them. Anyway, the problem is that now I only really want to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for the rest of the summer, and it isn't even super-hot-escape-to-the-theater weather yet! What's up with that? Is May the new July?

Okay, so I'm babbling. Whatever...I'll analyze something or write a weird poem or something next time. Maybe. Have a nice June!

Oh one final note...apparently it was 42 years ago today that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released. Go listen to it right now!


  1. lol...if i went right now to listen that would sure wake up the house! i a cold rainy start to June...and...yikes...hope they didnt find any bed bugs!!

  2. You gotta come up with certain themes that interest you and re-visit those themes from time to time if you want to have motivation to write more.

    For example, review a film, a book, a comic, a game, that's four days right there. Do a blog about some part of your collection, some history of yourself, whatever, but once you have some thematic stuff that you go back to you'd be surprised how often you can blog.

  3. yeah I agree completely...and I do have topics that I want to blog about too....the above mentioned religious debate, a sort-of short story I'vbe half written, some new brain was in some other place last night and thus I didn't do any of it :p

    but yeah I'll have to write down and accomplish more stuff...

  4. Ha ha I have a strange feeling the "thanks tips" quote belongs to me...actually I'm certain!! :P