Saturday, 7 September 2013

Season's End

I was excited yesterday to welcome the soon-to-be Fall season by buying a new pair of jeans, wearing multiple layers without fear of overheating and putting an extra blanket on the bed, all within the span of a day.  When the season changes, it just can feel it.  Even though the temperature is only a few degrees cooler, there's just something in the air...

And then today it's rainy and cool and mellow and grey.  I like it, even though it makes me moody...

I've been feeling restless, anti-social and pensive lately anyway, and the weather seems to be exacerbating the situation.  See, I have a lot of plans and schemes (or hopes and dreams) for the future, but almost nothing that I can currently act on.  Everything I want to accomplish lately takes a lot of planning and saving and waiting for the opportune moment.  This is not something I'm particularly good at...I tend to conceive of something I want to do and then immediately do it (or immediately discard and forget about it).  All of this long-term planning has me feeling a lot like I'm just spinning my wheels.

I am trying to be patient and simply enjoy the journey, but it's not easy.  At least there's always lots of little things to do to occupy the time.  Although I worry that the little things will gang up and overwhelm the big things and nothing important will ever get done.  Hmmph.  Sometimes it's hard to retain focus.

Oh well it is as it ever was!  And all the little things combine to make everything radically different once enough time has passed anyway...or at least so far!  Every time I think I'm stuck in a rut, I only have to think back to see the dramatic twists and turns my life has taken...everything is always changing and the status quo is nearly always tissue-thin...shockingly so, usually! 

Just sometimes it seems like everything is taking too damn long...

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