Friday, 2 November 2012


 So today as an experiment I want to try and dictate Stryder's Dementia on my iPhone.  I find that if I do just a bit at a time and add the punctuation it's pretty easy.  I don't know if it will ever replace typing but it's kind of cool.

So I got this iPhone a couple weeks ago and I guess the novelty still hasn't really worn off.  It sort of shocks me how frequently I want to look at it, not even counting that it reminds me to check it several times a day.  I'm a little worried that I may be becoming a worse person because of it.  Some sort of strange human/technology hybrid, less aware of my surroundings and more focused on my private world.  Despite that, I like it!  Madness...

 Isn't it strange that communication technology we have also isolates us?  Irony.  I really wonder where the world will go in another 10 years with this sort of thing.  I guess only time will tell. 

While we're waiting for the societal implications, I have just GOT to go play more "The Simpsons Tapped Out." Uh...have a good week!

PS:  I'm not even joking about the addictive Simpsons game!  Add me!  I'm StryderWolfe, naturally.

Sent from my iPhone...edited on my computer.  I tried to publish everything from the phone, but Blogger didn't support the browser for adding a new post!  Guess I have need of my computer still...Maybe with an iPhone 5...

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  1. I tend to isolate myself from people anyways.. So the Phone and Facebook are actually working out great for me cause I can still keep in contact without having to go out or anything... Avoids drama too ;)