Thursday, 23 February 2012

Meet the New Mood!

So I had a blog written up for this week and it was sort of interesting and whatnot but for some reason it just isn't fitting my mood today and thus instead I'm gonna just babble off of the top of my head for a bit.  Sorry about that.

It's been a sort of strange February for me this year.  Good, actually, but strange.  For one thing, I haven't been morbidly depressed all month!  I don't know if it's because the weather is less gloomy than in previous years, or if it's because I've been taking "New Mood" and it's helping my body produce serotonin at higher levels so I don't feel constantly depressed and insomniac or if it's a mental state of being.  If I had to guess, I'd say it's likely a combination of all 3.  Anyway it's nice to be happy in February for once, but it's strange.  Like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I keep expecting to wake up really bummed out one day and just have that mood stick for the next month or two...isn't that weird?

So the dream/short story of the last couple weeks was interesting, eh?  I am no expert in dream interpretation but I have a few clues.  Each of the 3 people in the dream were at one point closer to me than anyone else on the planet.  Now they're all gone...that's pretty self-explanatory.  Kitchens are supposed to be significant of a need for nurturing and also a plan for change or transformation.  The living room of course is just a metaphor for my personal or internal space, and perhaps indicative of a feeling of invasion or things being out of place.  However, the ending of the dream really was what made it interesting.  Going from inside to outside is always significant of change...particularly when you are going through such a strange, guarded set of doors.  It's a rough and difficult transition...however once outside I had accomplished something, traumatic as it might seem.  At the end of the day, I guess that was just my subconscious letting these people go on to their lives and showing me that I'm ready to move on as well.  Good for me!  If only I knew the next steps!

Well, we'll make it up as we go along the same as I always have.  At least I feel like I'm getting, if not smarter, at least a little less naive....I suppose it's about time....I'm only 35 years old!

So anyway that's where I am at right now.  I feel rather blank-slate like.  Although I do still feel like I need a few months to recharge...if I feel this good right now and it's still only February, Spring should be interesting indeed!


  1. Did you hear about New Mood on the JRE? That Alpha Brain sounds pretty neat too... I'd be interested in getting an update from you on how New Mood is working for you over the next little while. I'm intrigued given my own depression issues. 8-)

  2. Sure did! JRE rocks!

    I am on Alpha Brain too and I highly recommend both. I've been on both since Christmas or so, although I ran out at one point and missed a week or so. I could feel it stop working and start again when I got a new bottle! It's a little pricey I know but IMO totally worth it!!

  3. wow, thats really great that you are in a much better mood these days..yeah! glad to hear it!! and yes i too would like to know how you found out about this new mood and the other one as well, what is JRE?...wonder if it would help Dad at all, he is similar in things like that as you know, so perhaps it oculd help him as well. no Feb blahs isnt that great! even there is hope the leafs might win

  4. oh your dream part...i just noticed on the link you gave that this alpha brain stuff also causes people to dream more...did you see that...maybe that as well is why you are having such dreams...but yes its great to start anew...
    More acetylcholine gives you stronger REM sleep, and stronger REM sleep gives you more vivid dreams, and the opportunity to turn those dreams to lucid dreams. Alpha Brain™ is designed to be a highly effective acetylcholine boosting supplement, and thereby a highly effective dream supplement.+