Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pleasant Nightmare? - Part I

So I'm home for break and I had a nap.  I had this crazy dream and I wanted to write it down before I forget it.  Even though the logic and architecture are perfectly dream-like, I had no idea that it wasn't real until I awoke.   Names have been changed to better reflect pieces of my subconscious....Remember, it's only a dream....

I am living in a different apartment.  It is almost futuristic in some ways but also very normal in others.  the TV and the computer are mine for sure, as is the computer chair and the end tables.  The couches and chairs in the living room are ones I have never seen before, and the layout to the room is different than in my current apartment, although the computer, sitting area and couch are in relatively the same position as they are in real life.  They are also relative to my current kitchen, although there is a doorway to open and close to go into the kitchen, unlike in my current apartment.

I am sitting and watching TV, about to watch the next episode of a show called Gossip Girl, when in walks Cameron, back from Alberta.  Even though she's never been to this place, I know she's only been gone a week and she just uses her spare key and comes in.

"Hi!"  I say, "You're back!!  Why are you here?"  Taking this unusual event in stride.

"For my birthday," she says, "I came back to visit and to get the things I left behind!"  I know that her birthday is not until November and that it is now February, but I accept this argument without comment.  Instead, I ask her how long she is staying?

"Only a couple of days.  Hey are you watching Gossip Girl?"

"I am!   Oh my God did you see last week's episode???  I couldn't believe what happened!!!  That's cool you can watch it with me!"

Cameron introduced me to the show Gossip Girl and last week after she moved back to Alberta was only the second time that I ever watched the show without her.  In real life she's incredibly enthusiastic about the show, to the point that she is legitimately upset when a season ends or a rerun is shown.  In my dream, this seems to be the case as well, as she is initially very excited.  We sit down to watch the show, which was on pause.  I guess some time passes (you know how dreams are) because when I turn to ask Cameron something about the plot, she's not sitting next to me any more!  I look around and see her instead playing on the computer, at a strange angle where you can't really even see the television.

"What are you doing don't you want to watch?"  I ask.  "You love this show!"

"Yeah I'll watch, I just had to talk to someone," she replies.  Then she tries to manoeuvre the computer monitor and her chair so that she can also see the TV better.  "Go ahead and press play I can see" she says.

"What?!?!  No no you need to come over here and watch.   This is probably the last time we'll EVER get to watch Gossip Girl together!  Come on!  I'll just pause it until you're done," I reply, and do just that.  Then I go into the kitchen and make a drink.

When I return to the living room, Cameron is not on the computer anymore.  I sit down for a moment when in my peripheral I see a tall, dark haired man in my house.  He is facing away from me and I can only see his back.  I go "Hey!  Who are you?  What are you doing here?" as I stand up and try to see who he is.  He continues to try to turn away from me so that I can't see his face, obviously purposely, and walks into the kitchen.

Stay tuned for part II, next week....

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