Wednesday, 6 April 2011

OK Computer.

I had originally intended to write a blog about Batman for this week.  Then my poor old computer succumbed to what may have been one mega virus or 20 or 30 small ones.  The Caped Crusader will have to wait.

So since it was a Sunday afternoon and I needed a computer for this week I basically jumped in the car and impulse bought this lovely HP computer from Future Shop.  It was on sale and anything they have in stock is about 1000 times better than my old pile of crap.  Unfortunately, it's forcing me to stop living in the past.  I haven't used any operating system but XP for over a decade now.  Suddenly it's so long XP, it's been fun.  Welcome to Windows 7.  It amused me that the new box understands all my peripherals without having to use any discs, at least.  Actually it won't let me use the discs...they aren't compatible.  Not to worry, everything works great. At least so far....

Oh actually it's forcing me to use a standard keyboard until I get an adapter for my old, ergonomic one.  I don't know how people use these...all flat and with the keys all shoved together...drives me nuts.  If I have some typos or spacing issues I blame the keyboard.  

On a brighter note, I recorded a little video with my webcam since it suddenly has the ability to record  without smoke coming out of the processor.  I did this in one take so it's's just for fun.  Enjoy!

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