Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Off The Cuff

No time for a long blog this week.  Instead I'm stuck doing training all week for work.  Which is actually quite nice, but doesn't give me time to write any essays about Batman or my feelings or anything.  What can ya do?

Instead, enjoy this lovely photo of my new look, fully realized.  This includes hair cut, 5 o'clock shadow and new glasses.  It's a whole new Stryder for a whole new season!

A lot of people have been asking about my motivation for changing up my look so drastically.  The answer - I don't know why.  Reinvention?  Boredom?  Perhaps I have been  feeling unattractive and wanted to make myself cuter?  I guess it's sort of all those things but then again, not really any of them.  Sometimes my motivations aren't fully clear, even to myself.  

Anyway enjoy...sorry for the shortness of this lovely blog.  Hopefully next week I can get it together and post something a little more thought out.  We shall see.  Happy April!


  1. Bravo! Now, cut the rest!

  2. Definitely a better look for you. I approve. Reinvention is one of the small/large joys of life... but I own a beauty/makeup blog so I'm somewhat biased.