Monday, 11 April 2011

The Defuzzening of Stryder


 So as the result of an off-handed comment at a bar regarding girls preffering clean shaven dudes, followed up by what seemed at the time a harmless Facebook status joke, it's come to this....the Defuzzening.  

I had hoped to document this with some photos but accidentally took tiny video clips instead.  My bad...


Regardless, the beard is history....I'm thinking I'll give it at least 3 months of beardlessness and if it hasn't driven me crazy by then maybe extend through October until it's too cold for this nonsense.  However, we'll see how I laziness is a major factor.  

In any case, I managed to switch back to photos for the end result - Voila!


Oh no, my secret is out!


Next up....time for a trim and some new glasses.  Eventually I'll be half-way decent to look at.  Maybe....

Oh so thoughts?  Now that I have sated my curiosity regarding what lies beneath, should I keep on shaving or let it grow back out?  What say thee, internet?


  1. Dude. Grow it out !!!
    I mean don't let the man tell you what to do. It's just not right to tred on ones free expression.
    Go nuts!!!
    Go crazy!!

    BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow thats one handsome guy! :) of course you know that in my opinion either way your the best looking son ever!

  3. Hey Mike makes you look so much younger