Sunday, 5 April 2009

stream of consciousness has it's revenge!

I am poison wrapped in skin
alcohol phenomenon
taste the sweetness of my sin

make you feel the way I do
reluctant martyr speaking true
will be a martyr just for you

prison sentence got off light
where to find the will to fight
all my will's tied up in insight

tell me what this life is for
lay me down on mud-drenched floor
bury me behind closed doors

kill me sweetly deep blue eyes
looks to burn and paralyse
free me from my bleak disguise

show me love and blooming trees
show me heaven; on our knees
kneeling to our fantasies

illusion makes me want to cry
it never seems in short supply
on naked thought I strive to spy

i'll make you my reluctant muse
sharing moon-drenched clouded views
hand in hand we'll be abused

what am I but dust and skin
trying hard to let you in
without the knowledge to begin


i love you
i want you
i need you
cannot find the words to say
i need you
i want you
i love you
befriend the words to my clich

in a thousand years it never matters anyway


  1. Very nice Mike. Keep time running away with the clocks of the past not far behind, begging to be let into the rooms of pain and tears.