Friday, 10 January 2014

Toronto the GOOD.


This morning I woke up early and took the subway all the way to Leslie Station to visit a dental surgeon and schedule an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed! 

I touched on needing to do this in an earlier blog - I just thought it was noteworthy that I am actually going through with it!  My appointment is next Friday...

Anyway that isn't the main point of today's blog...after the dentist this morning I decided to head downtown to walk around and maybe buy myself a late birthday present or I took the train down to Ossington Station and then walked from there all the way back to Yonge and Bloor.  On the way I stopped for breakfast and then at various little comic book stores and whatnot...

As I walked along Queen I spent quite some time watching the folks skate about in front of City Hall and it really made me start thinking about this city.  I often get irritated by the people of Toronto because we all so frequently exhibit what I think is just a bad attitude.  Hockey fans in T.O. might recognize it as Blue & White disease, but it doesn't JUST apply to the Leafs!  It's that mix of entitlement and lazy apathy and impatience and dissatisfaction that we Torontonians so often exhibit and it drives me nuts, ESPECIALLY since I often find myself with this very affliction.  It's nothing but negativity, plain and simple.

Well, I did not feel that way this morning!  From watching the ice skating in front of our awesome and ridiculous city hall, to shopping and people-watching while walking along Yonge street, I was filled with happiness and a real sense of pride in my city!

You know, I was born here in Toronto 37 years ago.  I have been employed by the T.T.C. in this city for nearly a decade, and I've made this city my home for over 27 years.  I was literally BRED to be a Torontonian...I have family ties going back at least 8 generations here.  Yet just today I remembered something that it's all too easy to forget in the daily grind of life in T-Dot.  Toronto is a GOOD PLACE to be.  We have a nice city here, and sometimes it's good to just walk around and notice it.  Feel some pride in the place!  It's clean and nice and beautiful and the people are mostly friendly and helpful.  

I am really happy to be here in Toronto!  From now on I'm going to try and make sure that it shows!

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