Thursday, 21 March 2013

Who's a Geek??

I may have mentioned last week that I wanted to make a Batman and Robin mural out issue #18 which was dialogue-free and thus had a lot of awesome artwork uninterrupted by word balloons!  Considering how the comic is also such a poignant and tragic tribute to the fallen Boy Wonder, how could I resist?  So this morning I headed off to Staples for a ruler and an exacto-knife so that I could properly cut up and trim an extra copy of the comic that I picked up the other day...

Ok, so this is already a pretty nerdish activity for a 36 year old man on a Thursday morning, no?  Not done yet!  While at Staples I impulse bought a Justice League sticker set!  Oh and did I mention how I was dressed?  Keep in mind this was not some special occasion, these are just a few of the things that I just happened to throw on today:

-My trademark Superman Toque.

 -Beat up motorcycle jacket featuring a "Hand of the King" pin from the hit Television show, Game of Thrones.

-A Muppet Show T-Shirt, featuring the Muppets in a parody of the famous album cover "Abbey Road" by The Beatles.

-Star Wars Boba Fett boxer shorts (it's laundry day...these are normally reserved for "special" occasions).

So who are you calling a Geek? 

By the way, rather than a mural, I picked up some frames/shelving and put together a pretty nice looking tribute with some of my favourite scenes from Batman and Robin #18, a "Requiem" page with the artwork from Batman #18, and the entire issue of Batman #18 with the variant cover by Andy Kubert!  Hopefully I can get that one signed one of these days.  I also included the New 52 Batman figure, the Batman, Inc. Damian "Robin" Wayne figure (holding a Lego Batarang), the Arkham City Talia figure, and the "Mega Mini Kits" Bat Signal!  The whole dysfunctional family...Father, Mother and the son that they both let die...

So yeah, instead of scotch tape, I made a nice display.  That's as far as I go towards "growing up"...

Quick...Pop Psychology 101...what does all this say about me?

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