Friday 15 March 2013

Pretty Positive Place!

I got nothin' in particular to talk about today so I'm just gonna spew out some stream of consciousness thoughts about my week!  It's been an interesting week filled with highs and lows and lows and highs, but ending in a pretty positive place I'm happy to report!  (Hey that's some nice alliteration!  I didn't even do that on purpose).  The first week back from vacation is always long, even if, in my case, it was only a four-day week.

Haha when I say highs and lows, I admit my lows are really not at all are some examples of these so-called "lows":

- I got the annoying "Harp Glitch" on my Simpsons: Tapped Out game for iPhone.  It is a glitch that made it impossible to play the game all week!  I cannot tell you how annoying that became as I'm addicited to this silly little game and had just built Burns Manor...Happily, the gltich was resolved as of this morning and boy was I happy to get back into my little "Springfield".  Remember when I used to have a flip-phone?  Hahaha....

- More comics this week mourning the (SPOILERS) recently fallen Robin aka Damian Wayne were released this week and while Batman and Robin #18 in particular is one of the best comics I've ever read, it is also SOOO sad.  It's so beautiful that I bought an extra copy in hopes of making some sort of Batman and Robin mural, perhaps later this afternoon...

-The Toronto Maple Leafs are on the worst slump of the shortened season this week, losing four games in a row!  They played so well in 3 out of the 4 games, too...just came up a tiny bit short against some really difficult teams...Oh well, there's always Winnipeg on Saturday...

Anyway, you get the idea...WHAT a hard life!!

I heard this week (and I honestly have NO idea if this is accurate) that something like 47% of the people on the planet don't have access to indoor plumbing.  Can that be true?

Canada rocks! Geesh now I almost feel like I'm gloating.  Um...well...I'm very grateful, even if I don't always show it?  Doesn't it seem silly to complain in this context?  Okay!  Have a nice week!

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