Friday 18 January 2013

The Human Condition.

Withing 12 hours of last week's regression to depression, (Mood Swing) I started feeling some cold symptoms pushing's nice to have a convenient biological excuse for my random mood swings.  Effect, meet Cause!

So this week I'm just recovering from an annoying little virus.  One which has been mild enough that it hasn't stopped me from living my life...I still went to work, still saw people, still did chores, etc...but severe enough to make said life more-or-less unenjoyable.  

Isn't it messed up how we're all just slaves to this weird meat body?  The smallest things (literally microscopic!) can cause these insane, drastically life-altering changes in our very beings!  Sucks.  No wonder I used to dream of becoming a creature of pure energy, bursting forth from my rotting old flesh sack as if it were simply a cocoon...spreading wings made of lightning and flying out into the greater universe and away from all the petty distractions and needs of an all-too-brief biological existence. 

Huh...and once again, religion is invented...

It's called the "Human Condition".  No one ever said it was pleasant.  At least it comes with the occasional perk.  Beings of pure energy have no idea how great Bacon tastes!

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