Thursday 31 January 2013


I got an email from Spin Magazine this week featuring an excellent article celebrating 20 Years of the band Cracker and their album "Kerosene Hat"!  Oh and of course the hit song, "Low".

Has it been 20 years already?  I actually associate both song and album more with 1994, personally.  That was the year I turned 17 and also the first year that I had my own place.  I used to sit around for hours with my very first roommate and listen to "Kerosene Hat" daily.  My very first girlfriend was there all the time too.  Those two started seeing each other behind my back and formed my very first love triangle!!

Of course those events occurred almost immediately after (what my 17 year old mind considered to be) the complete abandonment of my family, teaching me my very first lessons in real life: 

Never trust anyone stupid enough to love you and remember that everyone is always leaving.

Of course, mostly I don't feel that way anymore.

Do I?

"I'll be with you girl
Like being low
Hey, hey, hey
Like being stone..."

What a great album...Yeah I know it's all about the Heroin.  It doesn't matter...if shoe fits, wear it!

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  1. So once again it's been brought to my attention that this post could be taken too's supposed to be satire...the silly ramblings of a 20-year-old mindset, not to be confused with how I feel NOW...

    Perhaps you have to be familiar with Cracker and their fondness for irony and ridiculousness...I figured the video with Sandra Bernhardt boxing the singer would paint the whole thing with an appropriately "light" tone. Cheer up! :)