Saturday 15 December 2012

'Tis the Season... be BUSY, Fa lala lalaaaa la laaa laaa laaaaa...

Which I don't actually mind

Because when you're a single guy without kids in your mid thirties, you really don't WANT too much time to stop and think around the holidays.  There's a lot of mixed emotions that come to the surface at this time of year, and I think even the most content single guy ever (and while I am having a good time, I can't go quite THAT far) must have to consider the alternatives, however briefly.

Well, there's still time...the future is unwritten and the wheel's always turning...

Anyway, after devoting several hours over the last 2 days to the task, I managed to pull together a little bit of Christmas!  Tree - Check!  Presents - Check!  Chocolate - Check!  Good enough for me!  Still got 11 days left too, so I can recall whatever it is that I'm sure I forgot.

Let the countdown commence!

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