Thursday, 27 December 2012

2012 Year-End Round-Up!!

Well, the Mayans didn't get us and neither did we are, still kicking just a few days away from the end of another year!  Who woulda thunk?!?

Next week we'll try and figure out a new agenda for 2013, but for now, let's just see how I measured up as 2012 winds were my goals again? 

1. My number one priority this year - be OUT OF DEBT before 2013!

Done!  My last debt payment was paid off in November!!  I was both shocked an pleased! 

2. Maintain my weight in the 135-155 range, while actually building a little muscle and tone.

I kept my weight within 2 pounds of 150 all year long...right up until this week, when Christmas struck!!  Regardless, this morning I was 154.6...still (barely) in my desired weight range!  I'll likely be back down to 150 in the next week or two when all of the turkey and cookies and pie and stuffing and cake and you finally finished off!  IN the meantime, both fridge and belly are full of LEFTOVERS...

Much more important than just being skinny is Exercise.  I'm currently very committed to a standard 45 minute work-out, 4 days a week, and I'm definitely the strongest I've been in years!  Not only that, but I feel MUCH much better on a day-to-day basis.  Less joint pain, more energy, and a better and happier attitude overall!  Exercise!  It's not just a pain in the's a pain in the ass that, turns out, is WORTH IT!  Who knew? 

3. Memorize one song a month, chords and lyrics, throughout 2012. 

FAIL!  I managed two or three songs for a little while at least, but right this minute I can only think of ONE song that I can play now from memory that I couldn't back in December, 2011.  That song?  The Superman Song by Crash Test Dummies.  Not too shocking, I suppose.

Oh well, at least it got me practising more.  Can't win 'em all... 

4. Write lots!

Well, I've certainly once again managed my at-least-once-a-week postings both here and over at Fruitless Pursuits.  I've also managed a lot of personal writing and some world and character building for a few different stories that I'd like to tell.  So yes, I have been writing a lot.  However, I feel a little like I'm spinning my wheels writing lots of little things when maybe I ought to concentrate on one larger effort.  Hmmmm.  More on that in 2013... 

5. Schedule one half day a month to really clean my apartment and keep it looking nice.

I picked back up on the cleaning in the last few months of the year, IF you don't look too closely at the bedroom.  Somehow a large pile of random junk has accumulated in the corner of that room with no rhyme or reason.

Actually, I was supposed to be cleaning my stupid room right now!  I'm gonna start dealing with it this afternoon, probably.  I have the next few days off work and I'd like to make it nice again.  In any case, overall I think the place has been cleaner and nicer all year than it ever was in the past.  There's always more I could do, but at least it smells and looks nice, more often than not...

So that was it for my year-long goals.  I think I did well!  I've had a good year...of course there's been ups and is still life...but overall I've been pretty happy, healthy and successful!  I really can't complain about anything!  I've had some great moments this year too...the aforementioned vanquished debt, a reinvigorated interest in going up North over the summer and fall, Counting Crows and Leonard Cohen (amongst others) in concert...the list goes on and on!  Thanks, 2012!  You've been pretty kind to's to keeping it up through 2013!  Momentum, baby!

Remember...a goal without a plan is just a wish!  Next week we'll start planning for...the FUTURE!!!

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