Friday, 20 July 2012

The Dark Knight

Third "Chris Nolan" Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises opens in theatres today and I've already got my ticket per-ordered.  Going to see it in about 3 hours - first showing of the day around here!  Only one step less geeky than if I'd gone to a midnight screening last night (with my job, 3 am is a
"wake-up" time, not a "just got out of the movie" time).  I've had Batman on the brains since the moment my alarm clock sounded and I'm sure I'll be batty all day long!

What IS the appeal of The Batman?  I'm a 35 year old man with a career and a divorce and a blue-collar life!  Yet I purchase new comics every Wednesday (and every New Comic Book Day features a BATMAN title!), I WRITE reviews of almost everything I buy, ( anyone?), I have all the episodes of the animated series and all the movies at home to watch any time, I have more than one Batman t-shirts (I used to have one for every day of the week, but sadly they've worn out over the years)...Action figures...Joker and the Batman are fighting in plastic right in front of me as I TYPE this!  Lego...Video games...dishware...UNDERWEAR....bat-logo air freshener...the list goes ON and ON...

Why?  Is this normal?

Honestly, I have no real idea what the appeal of Batman or all of the other superheros, Transformers, etc that I have really let dominate my interior decorating (both apartment and mind) for years and years actually is.  It borders on the religious and is probably indicitive of some sort of emotional or deep-seated childhood issues.  It must fulfill some unconscious NEED.  Like Batman's mission itself.

Or maybe it's just COOL AS HECK!!!!

*hehe I said "heck"

I'm not going to bother over-analyzing my bat-love.  I don't care WHAT it says about me.  I know I'm in good company. 

Now then...To the Batmobile!!!

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