Thursday, 17 May 2012

Did Queen Victoria Support the Arts?

It's May 24 and my vacation is starting!  In that spirit I thought I'd just throw some random stuff at you this week!  Here's a poem I wrote at the beach:

The Wind blows Around and Through me
Blow wind, blow
Clear the cobwebs from my soul
Heal my wounded heart
Comfort my troubled mind

& I will bring you flowers
& Glad Tidings
By the light of the Summer Moon

Where is She who could understand this Perfectly?
Long long gone or Never Been Born....

And since we're feeling artsy, check out this video of a song Doris and I were writing.  It's not really a song all the way yet, but it's getting there...I'd only heard it about an hour before this video was shot...

Next week I'm on vacation!  Happy Victoria Day everybody!  Drink a 24 for me!

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