Friday, 25 May 2012

The Broken Piece

I was just lying on the floor whilst exercising and I found a little tiny broken piece of plastic.
    "What's this?"  I said to myself.
    "Well, self," I replied, "it appears to be a little tiny broken piece of plastic!"  At this point I took a long look around the room, which contains a multitude of plastic toys, various electronics, musical equipment, DVDs and more. 
    "There's a lot of possibilities around here for a little tiny broken piece of plastic," I said to myself.  "I better keep it."

It's no wonder that the man at the casino today had a hard time believing that I'm 35 years old.  Life is good! 

Also, the little tiny broken piece of plastic is safely ensconced on a shelf awaiting recognition one day.  Even though it's not particularly useful right now, I'm certain I'll eventually find a place for it.  Someday...

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