Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Just take a deep breath...

I've not really been myself lately.  The last few weeks, as October inevitably gave way to November, have been both rewarding and educational.  I haven't really even begun to process all the interesting little things I'm learning about the people in my life and yes, about myself as well.  However, these weeks have also been incredibly stressful for me.  My tranquil little life, so carefully built over this last year, is being shattered daily.  I've both lost and found my "zen-like" edge.  Peace of mind is a funny thing, slippery when wet.

In any case, in one more week I will at least be back on a more normal schedule.  Normal for *me* anyway.  I'll have had another seven days to evaluate my own feelings and desires and just to watch the wheel turn.  It's always turning, even if it only matters to those of us on the edge. Heard that somewhere...

I'm reminded today why I've held on to the name, the identity of "Stryder Wolfe" long past it's expiry date...I grew out of the name's original meaning years and years ago.  I keep it now simply to remind me, no matter what happens, no matter how dark (or how light - let us admit the possibility of light!) things get, no matter how I'm feeling, I need to take everything in stride.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  "Nothing very very good and nothing very very bad lasts for very very long."  The highs and lows may be intense and occasionally quite fun, but it is what you do, what you feel and who you associate with in the middle realms of life that define who you are and whether you have a good and happy life overall.  If such a thing is possible.  Let's say instead that these factors, rather than the dramatic outbursts of life, are what contribute to a life of fulfillment and perhaps even contentment.  The quiet moments are what make you essentially you.

At this point in time I feel good about my life.  It's not perfect and never will be, but it's mine.  I'm constantly trying to make improvements to myself and to my situation in life and I'm a very patient man when it comes to realizing my goals.  Even when it's a hard, hard thing to be.  I realize that I've been neurotic lately, but it's just because I've been focusing on the drama and not looking at the bigger picture.  Today that has changed.  Today I'm just taking it all in stride.


  1. Hi there! I really liked your post. I don't know how I ended up here but I just wanted to say something. It's always nice to read that some other people think about their life like that. No one of my friends care about talking, they just want to party and not to think anything. Hope moving away and meeting new people will help me :) -One girl from Finland