Friday, 16 September 2011

Now in HD! Tell your friends and neighbours...

Well it's been kind of a nothing week and this'll be kind of a nothing post.  The week seemed to pretty much just fly by, with me getting used to my schedule and trying desperately not to think too hard about smoking.  I've gone 11 days so far!  Nowadays I don't have the constant desire to smoke but when I DO get a craving, it's much stronger.  Fortunately such moments pass quickly.

Oh in case you haven't seen it yet, check out my thoughts about epic Kevin Smith film RED STATE over at Fruitless Pursuits.  I almost posted the review here since it's more serious than what I'd usually post on that web site but I figured I'd split the difference.  It's more topical for over there but has those religious and psychological implications I'd prefer to discuss here.  I guess I could have double posted but whatever.

In other news, I went ahead and bought that Blu-Ray player I was talking about.  I got the Counting Crows disc as well, although I had to wait a few days to find it.  Great disc.  I've watched the concert twice now, and the sound and video quality are superb.  Next best thing to being there!  If you're a fan, I definitely recommend it.

I also purchased the following Blu-Ray's as there was a big sale on when I went to get my player.  What do you suppose these titles say about me?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
The Big Lebowski
Shaun of the Dead
Across the Universe

Three of these movies I previously owned on DVD and still couldn't refuse!  Oh and be careful watching the Big Lebowski.  It may inspire you to drink White Russians, which although tasty contain a LOT of booze and may leave you very unexpectedly hungover the next day.  I'm just sayin'.

Oh and of course, today is the day that Star Wars - The Complete Saga is released!  You may wonder why I am still sitting here typing this blog when I could be on my way to the store?  That is an excelllent point.  See you next week!


  1. What do those movies say about you? That you're going to have an awesome time! I've seen them all, except for Across the Universe. I love Momento, Shaun of the Dead and the Big Lebowski. I've seen all five of those movies two times or more. Definitely a re-watchable selection IMO.

    And 'good on ya' for the lack of smokes. 8-)

  2. well that works for me! Oh but YOU gotta see "Across the Universe". It's a musical with Beatles tunes and I know that makes it a tough sell for some, but it's got heart!