Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fruitless Pursuits (is there any other kind??)

If you're anything like me, you're well aware that there's an infinity of content on the Internet to peruse at your leisure.  You probably also tend to visit the same 4 or 5 websites daily, even hourly, despite this fact.  It's the curse and the comfort of routine.  Good news everyone!!  Today I've found another site to add to this daily routine!

There's a new mega-geek pop culture website in town.  If you have any interest in ANYthing made of plastic or ever put on film or in writing, visit Fruitless Pursuits.  Chock full o' witty, knowledgeable, creative people who also happen to be total geeks.  They asked me to contribute.  How could I say no?  If the mothership calls you home, you can't ask them to come back next week!

Not to worry, I'll still be posting here as well....I'm just going to have to come up with 2 things (or more) a week to discuss!  Time to get my geek on!


  1. Pssst! Your link doesn't work! (Although their site is easy enough to find.)

    Geek on!

  2. Oh shoot thanks! Fixed it!! Of course yeah it googles well and it's linked under "My Blog List" on the right hand side too...

    like you said, Easy :)