Tuesday, 16 August 2011


There are too many people in this world who will tell you what you should or should not be.  Don't be this, don't do that, don't say those things or use that language.  You must act a certain way...behave yourself!  Why can't you be more like __________?!?

Parents, family, schools, churches, workplaces, spouses, government, even complete strangers off the street all have an opinion on who you should be and how you should act...even thinking they should have a say in how you choose to think.  Everyone wants to control you.
I call bullshit.

As I've gotten older and gained a little more experience with life, I've seen the toll that it takes on a person's soul to act in a way that attempts to please others at the cost of oneself.  No true happiness or understanding can occur when you relinquish your thoughts, feelings or ideas for the sake of another, be they person, organization or whatever.

If I could go back and teach myself one lesson in life it would be this:  Just be who you are and give no thought to what anyone else thinks about it.

Only now in my thirties have I finally begun to truly manage this task.  We as humans are so conditioned to behave a certain way, from such a young age,  that even now so many of us are scared to be ourselves.  Intimidated to speak our own minds.  Frightened to show our true feelings or passions, in case we may be embarrassed or rejected. 

This is pointless and ridiculous.  Of course, we all have to play the game sometimes...I get up in the morning, don my uniform and become Mr. Train Driver...it's not who I really am.  We all have to follow society's rules to some extent or be threatened with joblessness, homelessness, even the fires of Hell!  We humans love our foolish games...

Sadly, this means that none of us are truly free, excepting perhaps the very rich and the very poor.  It's a shame and I believe an obstacle to human evolution as a civilization.  However, we can at least claim a sort of part-time freedom.  When we don't absolutely have to conform, why should we?  As long as we live up to our responsibilities and refrain from hurting each other, why not be ourselves?  unashamed, uncowed and unapologetic!  You are the author of your own being.  Let none take that away.  Be exactly who you want to be whenever possible.  I assure you, although you may initially alienate certain people, you will eventually find like-minded company.  None of us are as alone as we sometimes feel.  Just figure out who you are, be that person, and be free.  At least during evenings and weekends...


  1. Couldn't agree more. Lately spending a lot of time alone...and really enjoying it.

    Don't even care what other people think about it..don't have to :o)

    Sometimes I spend the whole weekend in my apartment, just playing guitar/computer/eating/sleeping ohhh and leave to do the laundry in the basement...and my friends ask if I'm depressed...
    (ok, one friend asked )

    NOPE...couldn't be happier having no one to answer to except myself. Freedom!!!!!

    Totally respect others who do what ever makes them happy! (of course as long as they're not hurting others or breaking the law

  2. You're preaching the choir man. Bullshit indeed.

    This reminds me of one of my favourite quotes which has been attributed to Dr. Seuss (although apparently it's in dispute as to whether he actually said it):

    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

    And once again you have posted something which ties into a post I've been working on -- which I have actually tentatively titled: "Believing in freedom means accepting that you can't control others."

    Like you said: "We all have to follow society's rules to some extent or be threatened with joblessness, homelessness..." and yet we call that 'freedom'? We in the West also like to think that our societies have advanced to the point that they have due to our love of freedom, when in reality much of it has come from exploiting the lack of freedom in other countries--not to mention actively quashing freedoms within some countries.

    I've just finished a book I enjoyed a lot called "How to be Free" by Tom Hodgkinson. He's a self-described Anarchist from Britain who talks all about volunteerism, living a more self-sufficient lifestyle, and to enjoy yourself. I highly recommend it. Now I'm going to have to read his first book "How to be Idle".


  3. ha great quote regardless of who said it. The book sounds interesting too.

    Ahh people who can't get over the notion that others cannot be controlled. I've lost both friends and lovers over it...

    That's an interesting point as well that our way of life depends greatly on the subjugation of other cultures, you know "over there, somewhere." I do think that at least some people are slowly coming to realize that...the advent of cheap anonymous global communication (twitter) has made the rest of the world harder and harder to ignore...