Friday, 24 June 2011

Bats in the Belfry

SO my work schedule has changed up from now until the end of July and all of the sudden the time that I usually devote to blogging every week is gone!  Actually, my entire routine throughout the week, which is based on me having split shifts with 3 or more hours off in the middle, has to be readjusted.

I like the new schedule, but I HATE this.  I am too much a creature of routine.  Trying to change that routine makes me feel groundless, like a leaf in the breeze.  Of course I'll get used to it.  Probably just in time for my schedule to change again.  

I mention this because I have to find new times throughout the week to do things like this blog so if you're used to it coming out on wednesday or whatever, hold on.  I will get it out every week though.

Anyway, on to our subject matter.  First off, you may remember my mentioning the Wayne Foundation in THIS post. Hopefully everyone listened to the interview between Kevin Smith and foundation founder Jamie Walton.  You may even have followed the foundation on Facebook or befriended Jamie on Twitter.  The reason I bring this up is that the long-awaited part 2 of the aforementioned interview is finally available for download at, HERE.  Please listen.  Although it's a sad story it has a happy ending!  Promise!  

Oh speaking of Wayne Foundation, they're also offering T-Shirts now, from their new official site,  Please check them out.  Help if you can, if not financially then at least by spreading awareness.  Some problems MUST be fought in this world.  This is one.

So now we've got through the serious portion of the blog, and speaking of Batman, check out this trailer for Arkham Asylum 2: Arkham City!

I'm very excited.  The first Arkham Asylum was my first and favourite Xbox360 game, and I'm expecting big things from the sequel.  Apparently you can even play as Catwoman!


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