Thursday, 12 May 2011

Wanna Podcast??

So last week when I wanted everyone to listen to Sminterview w/ Jamie Walton it brought up the question, what other podcasts do I listen to?  Well one person seemed interested.  Er...a little....

SO without further ado, and in no particular order, here's Stryder's list of Podcasts!

1.  Smodcast - The first and best podcast I've listened to.  Consistently entertaining, usually hilarious.

2.  Tell 'em Steve Dave - 3 guys from Jersey sit around a comic shop and talk a lot of nonsense.  If you let it it'll grow on you by leaps and bounds.  Funny and engaging.

3.  The C-List Podcast - recorded by Luke and Mike, two of my old toy buddies from the long defunct Palisades Toys discussion board!  They spend hours talking about C-List characters in movies.  It's a great premise and they get funnier every week.  Plus you gotta love Luke's Aussie accent!

4.  The Nerdist Podcast - Funny and geeky and weird.  Plus sometimes you learn things.  But not that often, don't worry.

5.  Hollywood Babble-On - Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman talk Hollywood news with hilarious results

6.  The Lavender Hour - Duncan Trussell and Natasha Leggero talk about all sorts of crazy things, often with a guest or two.  It's sort of a thinking man's podcast.

7.  The Joe Rogan Experience - When he's not talking about UFC he's awesome and much smarter and funnier than you'd think from watching reruns of fear factor.  Uh, I guess if you like UFC he's always awesome.

8.  Plus One - Kevin Smith makes fun of his wife, Jen Schwalbach, while she tries to tell us stuff about science and whatnot.  

9,  Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Yeah, I listen to a lot of Kevin Smith podcasts.  You just can't shut that guy up.

10.  Puck Nuts - Some of the guys from Tell 'Em Steve Dave and some other guys talk about hockey, every once in a while.  Mostly they just gripe at each other.  It's amusing.

11.  Blow Hard - big fat gay guy Malcolm Ingram has big loud gay opinions.  Especially funny when he's co-hosted by Marja Lewis Ryan.  He's too over the top sometimes but often a riot and with a suprisingly large amount of heart.

12.  WTF @ TFW - All things Transformers!!!!

13.  Canadian Slag - All things Transformers in CANADA!!!

There's also a new development this week where the Smodcast network has gone streaming radio - which you can then download in podcast form.  I haven't decided if that's too much for me yet or not but it's worth a listen.  There's only so much you want to hear, you know.  Anyway if you're interested in any of these just Google them...I was gonna link for you but most are part of the Smodcast network and the rest have their own web pages so you can't help but find them.  If you've got some time on your hands then check them out!

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