Friday, 27 May 2011

Stryder Wolfe's Week Off Part 1

So I've had the week off work!  It's been awesome.  This is the story of what has transpired....

Day 1 (Thursday night - Friday):  Drove up to Bobcaygeon with Jeff and Emily Thursday night.  It was a dark and foggy night and we thought we saw a werewolf in the moon lit fields.  It may also have been a skeleton army beginning to stir.  Or it was late and my perceptions were um...slightly informed.  Luckily we were in a car (that I was NOT driving) and in no danger.  Friday morning was rainy at first but quickly grew amazingly hot and sunny, leading to an afternoon of sunbathing.  We were all in awe of the strange glowing disc in the sky.  It'd been so long since we had last seen it!  Brian showed up after he finished work and jamming commenced! 

Day 2 (Saturday):  Still in Bobcaygeon.  We took an awesome boat ride.  Jeff jumped in the lake.  I was cloud gazing and saw a dragon hiding amongst the clouds.  When he noticed me watching him he winked at me.  I fail to inform the others as I do not want to wake the dragon's wrath.  Later, Jeff and Emily's kitten performed a trick with his leash and some stairs that, had we captured it on film, would have gotten millions of hits on Youtube.  Silly kitty.  Also of note, for the first time in my life I had good luck with cards.  I avoided being the asshole for the most part, and I also ended up as the Craziest 8.  Jeff wouldn't let me set anything on fire for this game, prompting me to proclaim, "This game ain't so crazy."

Day 3 (Sunday):  Spend most of the day in Bobcaygeon, returning home in the early evening.  I am thrilled to get to shower and sit in my favourite spot on the couch (0,0,0)!!!  Cartoons and then sleep. 

Day 4 (Monday):  Victoria day holiday celebrated with a viewing of the new ep of Game of Thrones and followed up with several hours of Rock Band.  We then watched some balcony fireworks and went to prepare for the next day....

Day 5 (Tuesday):  Time for some shopping!  I go back and forth to four different stores with Brian and Michael to shop for my Brand New Television!  After haggling for hours, pitting the various retail locations against each other I settle on the store where the salesman actually chased us out to the parking lot to offer a better deal.  He just wanted it more.  He showed me in the computer where his profit margin was on the deal he gave me.  Net Profit on the sale (and he worked HARD for this) was $11.00.  I feel justified in my hours of shopping and managed to get everything home in two cars.  End results:

Having purchased this amazing TV and learning the mighty power of having HD in my own home, I realize I never have to leave 0,0,0 again unless I am making money.  Of course, I left the house the next day anyway....stay tuned for what happens next.  Here's a hint - Cleveland Rocks!!!

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  1. wow...nice tv! im gonna have to come over for a visit real soon! :)