Monday, 6 December 2010

Another Long December

First snow day and I can already tell it's gonna be one of those months. Luckily I'm on vacation next week so I can hibernate for a little while at least...

You can really learn something about people by watching their reactions to snowfall and delay and whatnot on the first big snowy day of the they react to obstacles, how patient they are, and whether there is any perception of magic in their lives...I always find it interesting to see. Sadly, although I typically enjoy this time of year, people tend to ruin it for me with their impatience and negativity. Well, certain types of people. Overall though it's nice to see. There's something really surreal and trippy about the constant, snow-globe type snow we're getting today. Wish I could just sit and stare at it for a few hours. I can settle, however, for the few minutes throughout the day that I get. If you can tune out of whatever you happen to be doing, even for five minutes, it's peaceful.

Of course reading Douglas Coupland and running a small fever in between watching snow fall may help mold my perceptions...who can say?

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