Thursday, 25 November 2010


Well no snow as of yet, but today is the first day I really noticed the sky taking on that dull, black and white texture that will surely be here most days through until March or so at least...It's weird that the actual colours in the world just change come this time of year. All the brightness has gone out of the world. Colours are muted, even the brightest hughs seeming to have been dry-painted over with a greyish-brown tinge. Why is that? Some sort of light relflection thing since the sun, while up, is so far away?

Anyway it's chilling in some ways, but I also find it comforting. Seeing that black & white fairytale world, especially once the snow falls. It brings back some sort of feeling that I've had every year since we came back to Canada in '87. As if this is the true heart of the country that I live in, or even the planet. I don't know, I don't quite understand the phenomenon and I don't really understand it's effect on my psyche either.

A world of fragile things...coming up soon....

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