Sunday, 25 January 2009

Is it time to go to the beach yet?

So I'm driving the train around today wearing two coats and gloves and long underwear and my silly fuzzy hat and for some reason I just started fantasizing about the beach and summertime and how I can't wait for it to be warm enough to go down there again. If you didn't know, I used to go there pretty much every week all summer long until it just got a wee bit too chilly....ANYWAY, so I'm thinking this and suddenly parts of a song just start playing in my head...I can't remember all the words cause I was driving the train and couldn't write it all down but I thought I'd share while I can still remember some. Oh, it'd be sung in a psuedo-country kinda way...all major chords...think "Hot Dog" by Zeppelin or I dunno...half the songs Great Big Sea ever sang...

City Beach

I saw this girl on the beach down in the city

I asked her name cause she looked so very pretty
she smiled at me but said I had a lot to learn

she said "my name, sir, is none of your concern!"

She didn't want me to know her name

and lord it's just a crying shame

but I still love my beach girl in the city

cause she just looks so very pretty

I love the way she walks

I love the way she talks

I love it when she smiles at me

and I just can't wait to see

so i keep trying with my beach girl in the city

she just keeps looking so very fucking pretty

i've started seeing her everywhere I turn
but still her name, she says, is none of my concern!

Anyway, this could keep going on and on and I think I might have to pick up the guitar and mess around with it a bit but for now this'll help me remember. So when's beach weather coming anyway? I guess it's another 6 or 8 weeks at least....


  1. You ought to activate the option for people to follow your blog dude.

  2. huh...didn't know that it wasn't activated! Well, I'll try and find it :p Thanks!