Monday, 13 October 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm all full and lazy today....turkey hangover represent....

Weird to have a retro Thanksgiving.....back to going up to my parents alone...unlike the last four years of my not-quite-thought-out-enough marriage and spending holidays with HER family....
well, it was much more peaceful yesterday. This is good.

Yeah, I really have nothing to write about today, but I got jealous that other people update their blogs all the time and I haven't since, like, July or something. So maybe I'll start trying to do it more often again...

Oh, stuff that's happened:

-Went back to work on light duties

-Finished light duties and am started training for subway operation

-Ate approximately 1200 boxes of Kraft Dinner

- Became briefly obsessed with various commercial media, and then quickly forgot same

well, probably more stuff happened but I forget it....see ya later...

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