Friday, 14 February 2014

Go Canada 2014!

Was it only 4 years ago that I couldn't care less about hockey?  It must be...for back during the 2010 Olympics my friends bribed me to watch Team Canada play hockey with the judicious use of Chicken Wings and pitchers of BEER! 

Just that Christmas, my parents had also bought me NHL 10 for my Xbox 360...the first hockey game I'd played since good old NHL '94 back in the day.

The two events combined to make me a HOCKEY FAN!

Consequently, today's blog would be longer, but Team Canada is playing a game against Austria at noon and I want to make sure my laundry is put away before puck drop. 

Go Canada Go!

Oh, speaking of meaningless's also Valentine's day.  Or as I like to remember it, the anniversary of the day that the judge officially granted my divorce!  In hindsight we all agree that the wedding was a mistake to begin with, but it still amuses me that so many celebrate with hearts, flowers, chocolate...and here I didn't think you cared!

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