Friday, 21 June 2013

Superman Vs. The Gritty Dark Darkness...

Yesterday I went and saw Man of Steel Anyone who's even the tiniest bit familiar with me knows of my love for all things comics book and especially DC Comics and SUPERMAN.  So how was the new movie??  Was it everything I hoped?

Well, first of all, let me say that I LOVED the new movie!  It was great!  I won't spoil anything here, but for those who complained that the last movie starring our favourite Kryptonian, Superman Returns, was boring and featured a Superman who didn't DO anything...well, your complaints have been heard and answered!  There is a LOT going on in Man of Steel!  Go see it!  It's awesome!

Having said that, I was shocked at just how DARK the movie was.  I know that they want Superman to fit into the same "universe" that contains Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and not seem out of place, but it was still shocking to me to see a Superman that inhabited such a tragic universe...

Part of what makes the movie really good is that Superman is forced to traverse this dark universe and deal with situations that are more "real" than in previous incarnations...the stakes are much's a long ways away from Chris Reeve and the happy-go-lucky "Don't worry, Lois!  Up, up and awaaayyy!!" attitude of the 70's movies...This is a VERY human Last Son of Krypton and one who, despite his great powers, is still forced to make some extremly hard choices.

Ok, I'll just say it....great movie but it made me kind of sad!  I felt so BAD for Clark!  I'm used to seeing Bruce Wayne depressed and brooding and making hard choices...Clark Kent though...I sort of need him to be happy-go-lucky and look on the bright side of life!  If Batman IS the night, then Superman IS the break of day...the rising sun....the embodiment of happiness and HOPE!

And he still is, even in Man of Steel.  They've just made it a lot harder for him.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I guess, even for Superman, it's a hard, hard world.

All the more reason to try to spread peace, joy and love, right?  Right!  Luckily the Man of Steel has broad shoulders...


  1. I agree it with you, it was darker. But I loved it. It made him almost human, at least it finally showed that part of his life and what it must have been like really growing up as a human. thanks for a great afternoon, Dad couldn't have had a nicer way to spend his birthday with you then to watch the new Star Trek movie and then Superman!! thanks again!!

    1. I actually went and saw Man of Steel a second time yesterday and most of the issues I had with it evaporated. Its still a much grittier take on Superman than I prefer but there are a lot of lighter moments if you are paying attention. It's just such a fast-paced film that it's easy for those moments to be overwhelmed by the "action" of it all..