Friday 22 February 2013


What a pain in the ass it's been to start writing this blog today.  I don't know...I'm not particularly motivated or inspired lately and so I am starting to feel like I am just going through the motions.  This of course happening at the same time that I'd like to start gearing up to work on some larger writing and creative projects...and yet, when I manage to find a little time to actually start working, I find I just...don't want to.  Sucks! 

I know that this is a common problem for creative types and all types really...that ability to self-motivate.  Usually I'm pretty good at it, but I think this year February's got me beat down.  Or maybe it's just a convenient excuse. 

It's not just writing that's suffering either.  I literally never seem to want to do ANYTHING lately.  The last few weeks, even things that I should really be looking forward to are kind of a bother.  Any other human beings who've tried to reach out to me are finding themselves kept strictly at arms length.  It seems like I'm only grudgingly living my life nowadays...About all that I really want to do is sit on the couch and watch the Leafs or some cartoons or something.  It's dreadfully dull.

Oh well, soon that lemon yellow sun will start shining back down on my little corner of planet Earth...another 6 weeks and it's Easter and Spring and all that good stuff!  I know, I know, I go through this practically EVERY year, and it always gets better!  Remember last year? 

There was a DUCK!

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