Thursday 14 June 2012


All of life's major problems and heartbreaks will seem like a hilarious and naive joke when the power goes out and stays out for good.

Isn't it odd that the entire nature of our existence, our society, Western Civilization itself is dependant on setting fire to the mortal remains of giant dead lizards that went extinct long before we ever existed?

How can we power the present with the corpses of the past and yet take no thought for the future?  

(Yes I've been listening to Michael Ruppert again..he's an interesting fellow, if a little bleak).

Anyway, so I'm looking at the city around me and the life that I lead, thinking about the plans that I have and the dreams that I dream and I know that they're all as fragile as spider's spun webs...

Running Water
Easy and Affordable Food, Medication and Consumer Goods
Warmth and Shelter
Long Distance Communication and Travel
Et cetera, et cetera

So many things dependant on energy...some kind of fuel.  Remember the big blackout of 2003?  The have those all the time now in less fortunate places in the world.  It's very likely that soon we'll have frequent, long-lasting blackouts here, too.  Why?  Because our fuel is running out!

We need to find a better, cleaner, self-sustaining way to power the 21st century before it's too late.

I wish I was smarter and could somehow help with this.  It frustrates me that so many of us waste time and thought and energy hating and killing each other over completely meaningless, trivial divisive issues (who's god is strongest, should gay people get married, what politician is most "honest"...whatever) when there is this incredibly serious issue staring us in the face!  The very likely possibility that we are about the fall into a new Dark Ages and it could literally happen at ANY MINUTE. 

Howsabout we put all the stupidity aside for a while and instead  focus on saving our species from what could very possibly be our extinction event?  Anybody?  Bueller?

I guess it's too easy not to worry about it here in Canada because it really hasn't affected us yet in any truly meaningful way.  Remember though, we are all ONE.  Not attempting to fix this mess right now is short-sighted, perhaps suicidally so.  Living the way we do now is like contracting leprosy but not being concerned about it because so far only a few of our toes are rotting off.  It's not caring that your bedroom is on fire because you're in the kitchen right now.  It's worse than's INSANITY.

We need to get over ourselves and start dealing with the real problems threatening our race now.  How?  I don't know...I'm no scientist.  All I know is that it could start with all of us letting go of our differences, our petty hatreds and our silly fears and instead treating everyone around us with respect and dignity and kindness!  Maybe then we could stop spending money on bombs and death and instead research a better way to live?  One that won't kill us all in the next year or two?

I used to say that I wasn't trying to fix the world...I just wanted to leave it no worse than I found it.  No more.  I want to leave both the places I visit and the people around me BETTER than I found them!  Cleaner, nicer, more peaceful!  I want to be both productive for and protective of the world around me and the human beings scrambling about it's surface, too!

Look, if you go to the doctor and he says "You need to stop drinking and smoking or you WILL BE DEAD within 5 years...maybe even 5 weeks," you probably stop!  A sane person stops!  Well now the planet Earth needs us to be sane.  We need to fix the world or it will end soon!  NOW!

Playtime is over.  Like little children we've been fighting over every shiny scrap of nothing and now there's not going to be anything left worth fighting for.  It has to stop.  We have to stop!  Time to grow up!  

Evolve or Die.

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