Monday 9 April 2012

Return of the Duck!

This is just an addendum to the last post about a Duck.  Just in case you thought I was crazy, I have photographic evidence of said duck!  Complete with plastic Easter egg, placed there by yours truly before noticing said duck.  Quack!!

Just so this isn't the world's shortest post and cause I also randomly got this photo over the's a pic of me and several family members in front of the Alamo circa 1992 or so....Dig that crazy hair!!

Oh and finally, On May 7th there's a charity event going on on Facebook to help out the Wayne Foundation!  You may remember me liking them a lot back in the day!  Well, I STILL do!!  I'm gonna donate a couple bucks and I hope you do to!  Check out the Facebook page I'm referencing HERE.  If you can't donate that's cool...but try and spread the word!  Every little bit of help they can get goes a long, long way!  Thanks!

Peace! ;)

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