Saturday, 21 January 2012

Infection Detection

Been sick all week.  Found out on Wednesday when I finally went to the doctor it's bronchitis.  Got tons of lovely antibiotics and on the mend!

Of course it doesn't do much for my artistic abilities.  Hard to be witty or good with words when one is sitting like a lump, motionless, in a zombie-like daze.  At least I have no compulsion to eat human brains.  I might try one once as a delicacy or something, mind you, but I don't need to attack the living or anything.  More Hannibal Lecter than Night of the Living Dead.  Have I said too much?

Anyway just don't expect too much this week, that's all.  I haven't exactly accomplished a lot.  Mainly I just keep trying to breathe.

Ahh well, back to work on Monday if all goes according to plan and should be fully 100% by this time next week!  Actually after all the antibiotics I've been taking, perhaps healthier than ever!!!  See ya then!

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