Thursday, 3 March 2011

Marching Into the Future

Well, last weeks' blog "Open Letter to a Girl" Has certainly jumped my readership to a new level.  Apparently people are very interested in my past loves.  I'm actually quite flattered.  Thanks to everyone who wrote in offering support and encouragement!  It means a lot to me.

So now that I've dealt with some of the ghosts of the past, what does the future hold?  First let me reassure everyone that despite the baggage that I tend to carry around, I'm not really a sad person.  I have a good life overall.  Great friends and family, decent job with good pay, nice enough apartment.  My only real problem, and I know I've mentioned it before, is that I'm just always lonely.  I'm a "couple" guy living a "singles" lifestyle and it gets to me.  So what can I do about it??

Despite being in the worst dry spell of my life, I'm not one to settle for a so-called "ms. right-now".  I'm only interested in something real.  The problem is, as a 34 year old divorcee with an atypical work schedule, I have no idea where or how to meet women who might be on the same wave-length as I.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the vast majority of potentially interesting girls out there are doing the same as I.  That is, hanging around at home with a few friends, doing their own thing, having fun but not introducing any new elements into their lives, such as a somewhat eccentric, blog-writing, toy collecting amateur musician.  And of course on the off chance that I do meet a new girl who actually possesses a personality, there are always road blocks.  As much as girls claim to want an intelligent, caring guy, far to many of the ones I've met end up going home with some douchey asshole with good abs and a sideways baseball cap.  Shouldn't you have grown out of that in high school?? Also, I think every guy like me dies a little inside upon hearing something like "Oh you're such a great guy!  I love you!  You're an awesome friend!"  Or some such nonsense.  

Friend zone.  Blech.  Yeah yeah I'm awesome.  Sure you can borrow $40.00!  Please, just shoot me now...
(Haha I think some of my issues are popping up again).

Anyway, what I am trying to admit is, embarrassingly enough, I have no game.  I used to have a little game, but it seems like it's all been played.  Thus I throw myself on the mercy of the interwebz.  What do I do?  Many of you are in long-term, happy relationships.  Help me out here.  Gimme some advice.  I'm dyin' out here

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  1. Ok sweetie you asked for it...I have been married for 10 yrs and with Ryan for 16. I won't call myself an expert or anything but having a successful realationship takes time and WORK!!

    You need to start the online dating experience. We live in a society now where we don't go to bars to Mr or Mrs right. Online dating is becoming the new standard. I have a bunch of friends that have met people that way and they appear to be in committed caring realationships. Really what do you have to lose?

    I think you rae an amazing person and friend and I think that's importanat. Woman judge their men by how they treat their friends. At least I know I did! Good luck : ) Its Jeanette BTW