Friday, 15 October 2010

Evolve or Die

2010 is starting to wind down....2 months and it's a whole new ball game yet again....

Of course not really....Time is such a human invention...and aside from the fact that it happens to be Winter instead of Fall, January 1st means nothing at's no different from Ocotober 15th or July 7th or whatever.

Well, maybe it is to some degree. Fall and Spring for some reason always feel more transitional to me. I mean, they're more of a journey to hottest or coldest than a destination unto themselves.

Anyway, speaking of transitions, there are many things in my life I'm trying to slowly change...habits that I want to alter...nothing major, just a little housecleaning here and there. Step one - Time to get a haircut! My first and only in 2010! So here's the before picture:

...I'll update later with the results. I'm sure they won't be that drastic. The idea of a haircut is always an idea of change for it will make you a whole new person or something. Of course it never really does, but there's always hope, right?

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