Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Guess who bought a web cam!!

Yeah that's right....it's bad quality but I can finally make my own videos and post on YouTube. Does this mean I've joined the 21st century? Maybe.....

Anyway, here's my first video (not including a brief test). A song I wrote about a million years ago about not one, not two, but THREE different girls I knew at the time....This song means a lot to me and it seemed like a good place to start. So please enjoy, the original song, Making Progress.


  1. Cool Song..... where have I heard it before? LOL! It was pretty clean too. I am impressed to see that you are still able to play it after all these years. It could have used some percussion though :)

    So..... I wonder how much of the LTOT album will make it on YouTube now?

  2. probably another song or two at least....and the good thing about this is that I can record my new songs and then you can figure out the drums....I'm happy with the sound, although a little off it works...the video quality is pretty low though