Thursday, 11 March 2010

Forward, March !

Okay so it's almost the ides of March. Are you being ware yet?

I've really got nothing to say today but I just felt like updating the blog so I'm sure I'll at least have something in here in the March category. Gonna be short though cause I gotta go pick up my guitar from the shop. Finally had to take it in to get it all set up again. It's only been 19 years...It's funny cause I have several other guitars and I've been playing them, but as soon as one is not available I constantly want to play it. Hopefully though the wait will be worth it. Apparently my lovely strat had a severely twisted neck as well as some shorts in the electronics, so I'm excited to see what it's like now. At least it won't cut out randomly when I'm playing any more just because I decided to take a step forward or adjust the volume. And apparently that nasty rattling noise will be gone too! Will wonders never cease!

What else. March is such a slow month. Same with February. Nothing seems to be happening....just going through the motions till spring. I barely got up the energy to shave and get groceries today. Never mind trying to oh, I don't know, clean or do laundry or something. Forget it.

So what's the deal with all these 3D movies coming out? I saw Avatar. It was NOT that good. Enjoyable enough I guess, however I would have liked it a LOT more if I didn't have 3D glasses on over my regular glasses pinching my nose and giving me a headache for 3 hours. Why do people like this? Sure it allowed a couple of neat shots, but mostly it just served to take me out of the movie. Let's just hope that this is just some passing phase....I really don't need to see movies in 3D. If I want to see in three dimensions I'll just take a walk.

Oh one thing did happen! My divorce finally went through. I got the paperwork a week or two ago. Guess what day I was officially finally divorced on? Valentine's Day! How romantic.....

So yeah, that's it. Is it April yet?


  1. I hear ya about 3D. I guess sooner or later they'll have the technology to make smaller and more comfortable 3D glasses, but even so, I don't like having to wear something that many strangers have also worn before me. The last time I went to a 3D flick, the headgear smelled of jheri curl cream. Ew...

  2. well mine were sealed in a plastic bag when I got them, giving the illusion of being brand new...but then I saw that there was a "3D glasses recycling" bin on the way out of the theatre leading me to believe that they just reseal them in new plastic bags after the movie....

    but either way....not comfortable, not cool. Lame! BAD Hollywood! :D