Friday, 15 January 2010

Hello, Dave

Welcome to 2010.

Why isn't the future the future?

Meet the new year, same as the old year.....

Oh well, at least it's no worse...yet.

Have I learned anything yet in 2010? Let's see:

1. Working with Saturday and Sundays off is a mixed blessing at best
2. I am lazy and have yet to actually use most of my Christmas presents
3. Quitting smoking sounds like more fun the farther away your quit day is
4. Even in The Future your friends will still come to your house and put your toys in sexually explicit positions.

Yeah, that's it.

Oh No! That baby is going to eat that planet!!!! Is this what fate has in store for us?

1 comment:

  1. If I may add 4 of my own related lessons learned thus far:

    1. Working from home is a mixed blessing: I spend so much more money when I work at the office, but I also recognise that having to actually brush my hair, get dressed, walk more than 20 paces to eat or go to the washroom, etc, are probably good things too.
    2. I am lazy. Well, that's not fair... I already knew that prior to 2010...
    3. Treating food as a source of nutrients rather than eatertainment makes a lot of sense to my brain and my stomach; too bad food has to pass by my mouth's approval first...
    4. Even in "The Future" you still can't use html in your blog response so that the words "The Future" appear in italics in your response as well.