Thursday, 6 December 2007

All the anger and the eloquence...

...are bleeding into fear...


Well this is my first post and I would probably say something about myself but I just filled all that out in my profile. If you care about that sort of thing then look there.

So why blog? I just want yet another way to get shit out of my brain and down in some form where I can look at it from a different perspective. For that matter, whatever's in my head is far too fleeting and in this way I can remember what I was thinking today. Granted I have various other ways to do this, but my actual physical journal has mutated into something more specific and my facebook essays are lost in a sea of other notes and songs and whatnot. This can specifically just be about whatever's in my head at a given time.

Anyway, so here we are in December of 2007. Nearly finished with this year that has not exactly been my favourite so far. I'm hoping that 2008 will get better, but not necessarily expecting it to. That's okay though, I have no real reason to complain. Today I am home from work, as is usual on a Thurday, and instead I spent most of my time so far doing laundry and waiting in lines to give money to the government. Yeah, it's been that kind of day. Later on I'll undoubtedly wait in line yet again to finally get an MRI on my knee, which has been giving me trouble since an automobile accident I had in 2006. I don't really care about the results, but I need them for work so that I can finally get into a permanent job again, as right now I am officially a bus driver but haven't been allowed to drive a bus since the accident due to the stress and pain it causes in my right knee. Showing my employer that yes, there is something actually wrong with my knee and it is not my imagination will ideally allow me to transfer to a position in which I will not need to drive using pedals. Personally I am hoping for subway train driver, but we shall see.

In any case, That's my day and sort of my story so far. I guess that's what's on my mind today at least. Fun fun....

Good thing for the day: My friend Jessica's back from Alberta and we may see her this weekend.

Bad thing for the day: I gave $285.00 to the government and still I have to wait for Wednesday to have my record cleared.

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