Friday, 7 December 2012

"Living Legend"

 While watching the season finale of "Comic Book Men" the other day I heard Kevin Smith (who is not without some notoriety of his own) refer to Stan "The Man" Lee as a "Living Legend".  He's not wrong...Stan Lee is the guy who's created almost every viable property in the Marvel Universe and who creations have netted untold (well,un-looked-up) riches, from their humble beginnings as comics in the early days to the Avengers movie raking in billions all on it's lonesome!

Anyway, it made me consider the concept of "Living Legend" and who might fall into that category these days.  One person, whom I at least am willing to place there, I got to see live for the first time on Wednesday night!  Living (at least Canadian) Legend, Leonard Cohen!

Seventy-Eight years old and this guy had the A.C.C. riveted for hours...I laughed, I cried, I repeated the word "brilliant" far too often...this guy is incredible!  I've seen a lot of concerts in my time, some good, some bad, some notable giant venues with world famous musicians, and some dingy little stages with musicians who'll drink with you afterwards, and I've seen all levels of "musical charisma" but Leonard Cohen takes it to the next level...I couldn't help but be riveted...this guy's got too much charm for one human being.  I even wept unashamedly as he recited "A Thousand Kisses Deep".

Plus look at the man get down on his knees!  Geesh, at 35 I'm lucky if both of my knees will bend on command at does he do it?

Anyway, it was well worth going to see the show...If you ever get a chance, go see Leonard Cohen!  There aren't too many people left in the world who might be considered living legends...the aforementioned Stan Lee....maybe Bob Dylan...Paul McCartney...Wayne Gretzky...a handful of folks...but Leonard Cohen's one of a kind.  Thanks for coming back to Toronto, Mr. Cohen!!  Great show!

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